Ten Ways to Quit Smoking

A smoker can often quit without the help of a nicotine replacement aid. In this article, you as a smoker will read about the tricks that other smokers have used. You can then decide if you too want to try one of the following, suggested ways to quit smoking.

Once a smoker becomes aware of when he or she lights up that first cigarette of the day, then the smoker can try using a delay tactic. If you want to try such a tactic, then you should make a point of smoking your first cigarette 15 minutes later than your usual “light-up time.” You might do that for one or two days and then delay for a longer period, say 30 minutes.

By using that delay tactic, you could eventually pass through an entire day without smoking a single cigarette. If you do not have success with the delay tactic, then you might want to try distraction.

Distraction combines delay with an activity other than the reaching for a cigarette. If you have a strong desire to smoke, then you should make yourself busy with some less harmful activity. You might drink a glass of water, strike-up a conversation of get up and walk around. The establishment of non-smoking hours is a third way to quit smoking. The establishment of non-smoking hours can often work best when used in combination with distraction techniques. Those techniques can help you to adhere to the established non-smoking hours.

The purchase of a carton of cigarettes never helps you to quit smoking. You can move toward quitting by buying one pack at a time. You might decide that you are never going to smoke the same brand of cigarette for two successive packs. A fifth way to quit smoking concerns the location of the cigarettes in your home or office. If the cigarettes are hard to reach, have less incentive to grab one, and to smoke it. If you can somehow lock the cheap cigarettes in a drawer or box, then you have found a trick that could well lead to a life without cigarettes.

Changes in the way you smoke can help with the effort to stop smoking. If you are a right-handed smoker, then use your left hand. If you are a left-handed smoker, then hold the cigarette with your right hand. Good record keeping is a seventh way to help with the effort to quit smoking. If you use this trick, then record why you wanted to reach for a cigarette. You might also indicate the degree of success you achieved with any of the delay or distraction tactics mentioned above. The decision to try going through just one day without smoking can help a smoker to quit. If you want to try this trick, then try it on a day when you plan to be very busy.

The ninth trick to use when you want to quit smoking can push you into some new territory. This trick calls for a willingness to venture into places where smoking is not permitted. The tenth way to quit smoking is the simple act of going “cold turkey.” This works best if you first pick the date on which you will break from your dependence on nicotine.

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